Witches and Whatnots

I had a story come out last week!! What??? The first time that’s happened in a while. It’s a reprint though, so it only counts like…halfway.

It was a hell of a weird week to have a story come out, I’ll tell you that. But hey. If you need something sweet, softe, very gay, extremely college town, rather low stakes, and happily ended, maybe The Witches of Athens is what your heart is craving right now.

It was my first pro-sale, back in…2013??? I think??? I’m too lazy to go look it up right now. Amazing I ever get books written. But I was living in the falling down house with the absentee landlord who was a barely functioning alcoholic sculptor of stainless steel. So probably late 2012, early 2013.

Point is, it’s cute and maybe it will make someone smile who really, really needs to smile right now.

In more topical, less pleasant news: donate to your local mutual aid organizations, lift up Black stories, and call all your electeds. If you’re in New York, use this spreadsheet to find out which politicians have taken money from cops, and call them until they donate it to a bail fund. If you’re not in New York, maybe see if you can get something like this rolling for your home state.

Take their money, take their power, take their pride. And take care of each other.