We can dance if we want to...

...We can leave our friends behind in the Goblin Kingdom, lost in glamor and confusion

Y’ALL! I have been sitting on this news since…the summer, sometime. Maybe spring? Months and weeks and days are mutable now, as you all know. But even for COVID times it has seemed like an attenuated stretch of miserable silence.

NO LONGER! Now I can announce to you all that I WROTE A LABYRINTH COMIC!

Yes like real-ass Jim Henson puppets-David Bowie Dancing With a Bulge-Wide-Eyed Jennifer Connelly-Bog of Eternal Stench LABYRINTH that messed us all up in interesting ways and turned us all at least a little queer as kids.

There was a lot of back and forth and discussion and negotiation and collaboration on this; working on IP for the first time (and in comics for the first time!) was a really interesting experience and I learned a lot. Which is always good!

I have also seen sneak peeks of the character concepts and they are beautiful. It’s really wild to see artists like…turn words into visual storytelling. It’s made me interested in doing more comics and maybe even trying screenplays or stage plays—if anybody will let me. Are you listening, world?

It’s just such a different (but weirdly natural?) way for me to think about writing. My process is already pretty cinematic: I see the action unfolding and translate it to the page. It’s incredible to then like…ACTUALLY SEE IT. In PICTURES. There was a piece of effort that fell away from my process in this particular genre, because I could trust that someone else would convey the action I was describing. It felt so…well. Easy? Not exactly. There were a bunch of other new factors to consider (page breaks! transitions! number of panels to a page! how many lines of dialogue fit into your standard speech balloon?). But the process of conveying vision to reader felt much faster.

I’m so excited for it to come out and for people to read it. Just in time for the holidays, too! Probably would make a great gift for the goblin-inclined on your list :P