AMA, officially

I'm on reddit now

I have, for whatever reason, always wished they’d ask me to do an AMA on r/fantasy. I don’t know why. It just seemed like some kind of “you have arrived” thing that authors get to do. I don’t even use reddit!

Well now I’m doing THREE OF THEM, for r/fantasy’s digital COVID con. And I had to sign up for a reddit account to do them. :P

The first one is today (sorry I forgot to tell you). It’s about research. I’m on there with RJ Barker, Rebecca Roanhorse, Brigid Kemmerer, and David Steffen. It’s weird and fun and people clearly aren’t reading to see if their question has been asked yet.

The next two are on Historical SFF (May 7th), and Magic Systems (May 26th). Swing by and shoot off some questions (that aren’t the same questions people have already asked).